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HI folks.


Added a new domain.  DNS set up outside and inside the server.  MX records resolving just fine.


Added 3 new users, gave them Leopard Server style email aliases for the new domain.


Server Admin doesn't show the accounts.  Restarted the box, reloaded Postfix, done everything I have read.  Have I done something wrong?  Those accounts should show up. 


Any help appreciated. 



iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    So how DOES one go about adding new users?  I have the Advanced installation.  Here's what I have done:


    1. Gone into Workgroup Manager, authenticated into LDAP along where the other users are
    2. Added a new user
    3. Gave them short name email addresses:  Name: Scott Thatguy, Short Names: scott, scott@mydomain.com
    4. Gave him a password, clicked "access account"
    5. Enabled their mail in the Mail tab, gave them a mail server which resolves properly, and IMAP only
    6. Save


    In Server Admin: Mail: Overview, IMAP is running.


    In Server Admin: Mail: Maintenance: Accounts, nobody new shoes up.  I've stopped mail, restarted it.  Nothing.  Restarted the box.  Nothing.


    Nobody knows what's going wrong?  Why haven't these accounts been started and showing up in this list? 


    Really, any help appreciated.  This stuff is supposed to be easy. 



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    OK I got past it.  It is indeed broken.


    What I had to do was set the email preference for those problematic accounts to forward to my normal email.  Then send an email to that account.  It forwarded and also replied back with a problem report.  So it did both.  And the account showed up in Accounts.  Then I changed it back to enabled email, and it worked. 


    I shouldn't have to tweak the accounts to have email accounts to show up.  That plist demonstrated to be valid, and it wasn't working.  Or it being XML. 


    In any case, the solution is that you have to tweak the account to get it to show up, or have it exposed in postfix. 

    Apple, might want to make sure this doesn't happen in the hugely inexpensive current version.  I spent too much money on this version to get a new box with an updated version.