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So my contract for my iPhone 3GS and my iPhone 4 ended.  I have made the calls to request an unlock.  2 days later, i recieved my unlock emails saying its ready to go and to go through the steps of restoring...


So i stuck my 3GS to have itunes back it up... after that, i stuck in a straight talk sim card thinking it would say invalid sim while i restore the iPhone to unlock it... As i did that, the accepted the Sim Card... I thought i needed to do a restore to get the unlock to work?  This 3GS is going international so i want to make sure i dont need to restore if since it accepted the Sim Card... my striaght talk sim card is inactive but it is able to dial out(i reaches straight talk saying the account is inactive)  is it because its straight talk that is registered to att?


I wonder if my iPhone 4 will do the same thing.  I dont need to restore it????  I thought i needed to.  Anyone know?  Perhaps its because its still on 4.1?  I dont want to update it to 6.0.  would rather get 5.1 but im sure thats not possible...

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.1
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IME you must restore to factory. I Tunes will then display "Congratulations your phone is unlocked"Straight Talk sims will not be locked out by an AT&T phone but you can not get to the "Carrier" settings to setup the APN for messaging until the phone is unlocked.
Reply by gdgmacguy on Oct 19, 2012 9:45 PM Helpful

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