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I followed the Article TS1406 (recommended solution) on both a Windows 7 OS and an Apple OS, tried Safari and Firefox, tried using 'Upgrade ITunes' button on my old version of iTunes, then uninstalled ITunes, then QuickTime, now can't install either because I'm getting the same error message when I download and choose Run > 'not a valid Win32 application'. On IE9, the SmartScreen Filter returns a warning that the file could harm my computer because it is not commonly downloaded. I tried downloading it from other internet sources, but that's risky, and anyway, it's still causing the same errors. What else is there to try? If I can't find a solution, I can't use my new Iphone 5

iPhone 5
Solved by b noir on Oct 19, 2012 2:11 AM Solved

It's still pointing to the installers getting damaged during the downloads.


Perhaps try downloading and saving a copy of the installer to a different PC. (If you're on a 32-bit Windows system, try to download on a different 32-bit Windows system.) Copy the iTunesSetup.exe installer to an external hard-drive, or a large-enough thumb drive or burn it to a CD-R. Carry the installer back to your PC, copy the installer to your hard drive. (Don't run the install from the ExHD, thumb or CD-R.) Start the install by doubleclicking the iTunesSetup.exe file.

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