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I have given my old Macbook to my fiancee, who uses it to back her iPhone, however a x girlfriend also used this computer to back her phone up many years ago now and somehow my fiancee ended up with some of her contacts and on a previous occasion ended up accidentially performing a restore on her phone and restoring from my X's backup...I want to stop this from happening again - How do i delete my X GF's iphone backups from my iTunes/Computer?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    1. Open iTunes Preferences:
      • Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences
      • Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences
    2. Click Devices (the iOS device does not need to be connected).
    3. iTunes will show the phone number, IMEI, and serial number of the backed up iPhone when you position your mouse pointer over a backup (iTunes shows only the serial number for iPad and iPod touch). Use this to locate the backup for the iOS device you want to delete. Select the backup you want to remove and click Delete Backup.
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    the backup location on your computer hard drive are loacted

    Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

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    I was able to delete the unneeded backups on my MacBook and freed up about 40gigs. Great! But I couldn't find the third folder listed "MobileSync"?

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    (iTunes shows only the serial number for iPad and iPod touch).

    Not quite. Many iPads also support sim chips, and can show an IMEI.

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    Dear Uzziahd


    Do I have to have Iphone connect to MacBook while trying to delete it?

    my boyfriend save lots of my credit cards and personal stuff in his backup.

    I already delete everything in his Iphone but want to make sure , he cant restore it again

    ( already cancelled the cc cards but just in case I overlook sth else.)


    Thank you ;-)