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My powerbook CD expansion module won't read my Re-Writable CD. Any idea on why that is? What format does a CD need to be in?


I tried transfering files from my new mac to my powerbook 1400c via a regular blank CD (not re-writable). It wouldn't load in my powerbook, and says: "You need to initialize this disk" or something like that. What kind of format do I need to make the disc in order for it to work with my OS 8 PB? The program I used on my newer mac to put the programs on the disc is "Burn".



PowerBook, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier, PowerBook 1400c, Mac OS 8.0
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    Mac OS Standard. If the program you're using doesn't support that option, find a copy of the Mac OS 8.1 updater, drag the downloaded file to a CD without expanding it, and use FAT32 or MS-DOS for that specific CD. Installing that update will enable the computer to read Mac OS Extended CDs.



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    The CD burners I use dont't have the FAT32 or MS-DOS options. They only have these types of formats:


    ISO 9660

    ISO 9660 / Joliet

    ISO 9660 / Joliet / UDF

    IOS 9660 / UDF



    Then for the first 3 there is a sub section that says "ISO Level:" and has:


    Level 1

    Level 2

    ISO 9660: 1999


    And for that it has a check box that says: "Allow file names up to 103 Characters, instead of 64 (Joliet)". All that info is for a program called "CDBurnerXP" for my Windows XP laptop.


    The CD program for my mac (the one called "Burn") has these selections:






    HFS Standard / Joliet (only)

    Joliet 103 characters (only)


    I don't really know much about burning CDs, so I have no I dea what the heck these things mean. All I know is that when I used the mac app and burnt a CD with my new mac (using "Burn", set to the "ISO9660" file-system), and put it in my PowerBook, it could open the CD, but it said that all the files on the CD were text files. So (of course) when I tried to open a file that was not a text file (but it said it was), such as a game for OS 8, it had an error saying that it's in an unrecognizable format.

    I realize this is somewhat long, but I figured all the details would help. Thanks for the reply!

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    Use HFS Standard.



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    I just tried that with a new CD, and when I put it into my PowerBook it said "this disk is in an unreadable format. Would you like to initialize the disk?".


    About what you said at first, how can I update my PowerBook to OS 8.1 if I can't put any CD I make into a readable format?


    I would try to be using floppy disks, but the drive for my PowerBook is messed up. It has the top of the inside (the metal toppiece inside) down in the middle of the floppy area, blocking any disks to be put in. Otherwise, I'd just be using floppies.

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    Yet another possibility would be to transfer files on a CompactFlash memory card. With a modern computer (Mac or PC), use a USB (or built-in) card reader. For a PowerBook 1400, an inexpensive PC Card adapter for CompactFlash is needed.



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    Thanks for the idea. I probably will do that in the future, but right now I'm a little tight on money, so I'd like use my Re-Writable CD if I can.


    I put my Mac OS 8 install CD in my newer Mac to take a look at what type of file system the CD uses (using "get info" when I right-click the CD icon), because the PowerBook reads that. The "Get Info" said it was Mac OS Standard. Is there a burner that can do regular HFS (not extended)?

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    "Is there a burner that can do regular HFS (not extended)?"


    It's not the burner's incapability of formatting the disk as Mac OS Standard, it's the exclusion of that option in the burning software that you're using.  If you were to use Roxio's "Toast," it may still have the Mac OS Standard/HFS option.  I know the older versions designed to run on the PowerPC platform did, but I don't know about the more-recent releases for the Intel-based Macs. Check Roxio's web site for the product features of older versions that are compatible with your newer Mac and its OS version, then check ebay for a previously-owned one.

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    I know that it's been a while, but I believe I may have a half solution; I just need help with the rest f it.


    In keeping with the idea that I want to burn a CD for a Mac OS 8 system, I have finally gotten a hold of Nero Burning Rom 5. I don't know if you can (it appears that you might be able to), but Nero has the option of burning a UDF CD, and there appears to be HFS too. My question is can you do this and how? I'm not to Nero savvy, so any help would be nice. Thanks!