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I really LIKE the concept and some of the features of the podcast app, but every time I use it I find it doesn't keep track of the podcasts accurately.This has happened on my Iphone 4s and now my new Iphone 5.


What happens is this:  I sync my phone and let's say I have a podcast that has episodes for each day.  (one a day, or even multiple files per day, because they happen to break down the show into hour slots).


I have them sorted newest first.


My phone has listed only two episodes, let's say, for 10-16.  So I play what on my phone LOOKS like hour 2 of 10-16.  It plays fine, or at least I think it, but then I realize I don't want to listen to it so I go to the next file, hour 3 of 10-16, and it plays the same thing.  The description on the file is different however.  It actually shows the description from hour 1 of 10-17, the file name/title of 10-16 hour 2, and plays 10-16 hour 3.


To make matters more confusing, check this out.  When I go back to Itunes on my macbook (fully updated as usual) it shows that I really have three episodes unplayed that should have synced, for the date 10-16.  What I was playing was actually hour 3, and the file's which was listed next in the list was the description from 10-17 hour 3.  It appeared to be on the phone as 10-17 hour 1 but it didn't actually play that file anyway, it played 10-16 hour


So it is not keeping track of tags AT ALL hardly, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it from anything an end-user can look at.

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)