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I've been encountering this problem occassionally with my iPod.


Basically, this is a CD that I burned awhile back (Fleetwood Mac The Dance), and the problem is 'Temporary One.'


Whenever my iPod Classic reaches this song, everything is going fine until about a minute before the song ends. Once it hits the 1:00 mark, it ends and goes to the next song.


I checked the info on that song in my iTunes, and it has not been altered in any ways (start time, stop time, etc.). I do not encounter this problem on my laptop when I play it on my iTunes.


In addition, I have an iPod nano as well (6th generation, the square). That song is on that device as well and when it plays this song, this problem does not occur.


Here's what I have tried so far:  unchecked that song in my iTunes and synched only checked songs to my iPod (removing the song), disconnecting my iPod, and then synching the song back on. The problem is still there.


I have also restored my entire iPod. Even after doing that, the problem still persists.


How can I go about fixing this?

iPod classic
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    What format is this tracked encoded in and at what bitrate?


    If nothing else, convert it to another format and resync it over to your device to see if it then plays in its entirety.

    iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format



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    Forgive me for the delay. On campus all day.


    The file type is AAC audio file, the bit rate is 256kbps (VBR).

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    Are there other tracks on the iPod encoded at this same bit rate and format that play okay on the device?


    Did you try my suggestion on converting the track to another format and then syncing that newly converted track over to your device?



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    I tried what you recommended planb77.


    I converted it to a couple different formats. The song plays through entierly. However, a blip does occur around the point where the song normally stops.


    Your second question:  good question, hahaha. I have over a week's worth of music on my iPod, so it will take awhile to figure out that one.


    I encountered this problem a couple of months ago with another song. The only way I could fix it then was to delete the song/album and reburn it.


    Clearly the problem occurs as the songs get transfered to the iPod, that's all I know.

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    That could be the case, or it could be that the file is already damaged to begin with, which can and does happen on occassion when ripping them into iTunes.