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After updating my ATV2 and my ATV3 both have problems with Airplaying images from my Iphone, Ipad and Ipod (idevices).  Previous to the update the TV screens i use (one is a 720, the other is 1080) would didplay the images from my idevices utilizing the entire TV screen (edge to edge).  Now all devices using both ATV2 and ATV3 on both TV's do not show images edge to edge (unless i change the TV settings to "fill" the screen in a distorted way).  To test it again i returend my ATV3 and the new one that is not yet updated to 5.1 does indeed fill the screen beautifully.  I am now dreading the update which i will do anything to avoid.  Community, do you know how i can avoid the update?  Will the update be forced in on this new ATV3?

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    >do you know how i can avoid the update?

    If you don't want to update then don't install the update.


    >Will the update be forced in on this new ATV3?

    They can't not force the install remotely, but you may eventually need new features you can only get by updating.

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    Thanks Brian Cook4.  I have been refusing the update every few days and this has worked.  Before i started this thread Apple Support informed me that the update will be automatic, but this hasn't been the case.

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    I think this has been the final straw between Apple and I. I bought an Apple TV 3 rd Gen while traveling it worked great got home and at the on screen prompting ran the recommended update. Now it will not get on- line  doesn't even see wifi. After sitting on the phone with "Apple Care", a total oxymoron, I was told I could take it to my local apple store. There I was told there's nothing they could do it has to go back to the store I bought it. Their product their update broke after I used the **** thing twice. You'd think they'd be a little more helpful. Does anybody own the "Camera Kit" for IPad, I do and it's useless, after another update from apple that reduced the power to the connection port in my ipad 2 now if I plug it in I get a message say there's in sufficient power to use this device. It's either 1 USB or a sd card reader apple's product that they sell and it hasn't worked in months and they know it. It completely offends me that it's still sold. I'm done if this is all the support that they offer after over charging for all this trendy proprietary crap, I wouldn't recommend apple anything to anyone.

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    Unfortunately my home from school daughter updated the software on my Apple TV 3 so now the problem is spoke of last October is back, and I am not buying another Apple TV to fix the problem, 2 ATV's are enough.  If anyone can get through to Apple to fix this issue it would be greaty appreciated.  Again, a properly formatted 16 X 9 aspect ratio image on my iPhone 5 or iPad 3 will not airplay an edge to edge image on my 16 X 9 format HD screen like it used to.  It now leaves a few inches all the way around.  I can use the TV's Zoom feature but the results in a poor image quality.


    Because I have a new TV with a very thin frame around the screen the previous ATV software airplayed a beautiful edge to edge image that had an incredible dramatic look to it.  The attached photo shows the proper way (using the greatest football player ever to make the point).  This image now leaves about 3 inches of black screen around the image.  I have tried this with both 16 X 9 TVs we have.



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