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JUst purchased storage plan and still cannot update some apps. And iPhone is not moving all photos to iPad

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1, Can't update apps.
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    You are providing very little information.  So, you bought more storage.  But what do you mean by "cannot update some apps"?  Are you getting any error messages.  Update through the itunes app store?  Could it be that your iphone has its storage almost full?  This has nothing to do with icloud storage.  If the phone is low on storage, you'll have to delete some files to make room.


    Go to


    Settings>General>Usage.  This tells how much storage is used on both iCloud and on the device.


    As for the photos, we need more info as well.  How are you moving photos?  Using USB to connect to a computer?  Using photo stream?  Only some photos are being "moved"?  Can you give more info on this as well?