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How to copy vinyl record directly to itunes

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    You cannot copy vinyl directly into iTunes.


    Basically, one can feed the output from a turntable into a computer programme (such as Audacity, which is Open Source {free}) and then export the Audacity file as an MP3. Then import the MP3 into iTunes.


    There are other methods, such as a turntable that records from the stylus directly to an MP3 file, although I have no knowledge of how effective it is. Be alert though, because I have seen some turntable arrangements that convert directly to CD. In that case, you would still need to import that into iTunes.


    In part, the method you choose will depend on what existing equipment you have, how familiar you are with computer programmes and how much effort you want to put into getting the best results.


    Take Audacity for instance. It can take a while to understand how to get the best out of it, to get volume levels correct and so on. It's the method I use. I take the output from my turntable into my Hi-Fi amplifier, then take the "record out" output from my amplifier and feed that into the "line in" on the computer. Record into Audacity. Trim the Audacity file, set the volume correctly and enter the name, artist and album details for the song. Then export that as an MP3 file. Import the MP3 file into iTunes.


    As you can see, quite a few steps, and that's after you set up the equipment and master the process.


    Do an internet search for "vinyl to MP3 conversion" and have a read up, before you decide if this is worth the effort to you.