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I have never used Classic - went from OS-9 to OSX.


I am trying to get a dual-usb IBook to run OS-9 so I can get the data off my old Jaz disks. The Jaz drive will run on UUSB only with OS-9. To run it on OSX 10.2  (which came with this model) requires a firewire adapter which I don't have.


I have a 9.1 install disk that is white with a big 9 on it.


I have a set of 3 gray disks labeled IBook Software Restore Mac OSX and Mac OS 9 ver. 9.2.2


I have a gray disk IBook Mac OSX ver. 10.21 Disk 1.


I have a CD-R disk (copy, not original) labeled OS 9.2.2 Drag Install.


The IBook itself has OSX ver. 10.2.1 installed and the pieces I dragged from the OS 9.2.2 Drag Install disk.


All I want is to get OS 9 to run so I can hook up my Jaz drive to a USB port. I don't know if Classic will work or not - Iomega says you need OS 9 for USB and firewire with the adapter for OSX.


Any help appreciated!

iBook, Mac OS X (10.2.x) , Dual USB