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since iPad Mini and iPhone got the Lightning connctor


I am a musician and I need the USB connection to my USB Keyboard to control music / synthesizer a

bought the 30€ dock adaptor but the USB Keyboards are no longer supported (dock to Lightning with CamConnection Kit DOESNT WORK)

so, does Apple plan to help us? will the micro USB cable and adaptor to normal USB work with iPhone5 and keyboards and all upcoming iP


Any chance?


to be honest- if not my iPad would be the last I ever bought since I have it for music synth playing!

I own the iPad 2, so I still got time but I hope apple read this and be aware -

I am running a forum where people buy their ipads for the same reason - so all those may not buy one again if this will not be fixed soon.


I assume we all need to buy another new Lightning Cam Connection Kit for 30€,..



hope for an answer!!



THIS IS ABOUT USB - interfacing ! and I am talking pro musicians here.
iOS6, new iOS devices iPhone5 or / and newer..

Akai LPK25 and Korg USB microKey37, iOS 6
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