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Moogulator Level 1 (85 points)

since iPad Mini and iPhone got the Lightning connctor


I am a musician and I need the USB connection to my USB Keyboard to control music / synthesizer a

bought the 30€ dock adaptor but the USB Keyboards are no longer supported (dock to Lightning with CamConnection Kit DOESNT WORK)

so, does Apple plan to help us? will the micro USB cable and adaptor to normal USB work with iPhone5 and keyboards and all upcoming iP


Any chance?


to be honest- if not my iPad would be the last I ever bought since I have it for music synth playing!

I own the iPad 2, so I still got time but I hope apple read this and be aware -

I am running a forum where people buy their ipads for the same reason - so all those may not buy one again if this will not be fixed soon.


I assume we all need to buy another new Lightning Cam Connection Kit for 30€,..



hope for an answer!!



THIS IS ABOUT USB - interfacing ! and I am talking pro musicians here.
iOS6, new iOS devices iPhone5 or / and newer..

Akai LPK25 and Korg USB microKey37, iOS 6
  • Rudegar Level 7 (25,480 points)

    an usb port is a digital interface which can be used to transfer data of every kind to every type of device


    on a computer when one connects an usb device 1 of 2 things happen

    1 the operating system will already have a working device driver for the device made by the creator of the usb device

    2 the user install a device driver yourself so the system can interact with the usb device


    just getting an usb port gives you nothing


    the program need to be able to understand and be compatbile with the usb device otherwise all you get

    is the ios device feeding the usb device 5volts

  • Moogulator Level 1 (85 points)

    sorry, this is not true, CoreMidi accepts the most usb keyboards that work below 100mA, for more you need a powered hub but works fine since the driver is built into Core MIDI , because almost any usb controller is Core Midi compliant, it works on all ipads and iphones except iPhone5, but it is not a driver problem..


    so it's about providing a real usb again, possibly that lightning interface needs something to be done which is an apple problem.

  • Moogulator Level 1 (85 points)

    bought the new LIGHTNING to USB thing - 34,95€ so not cheap at all -
    ->  it still doesn't work and even when I just plug it in it says it is NOT supported.nothing connected to the USB side of the cable.


    that's an epic fail.

    -> do I have to wait for an update or may this one only work with iPads and - WILL it work with iPads or does Apple not care about Musicians and USB Keyboards at all!?!?


    -> no answers so far.. ;(



    so - I can only recommend not to buy it if you are iPhone 5 user and even if you're not a musician, this thing even doesn't work when you just connect it to the iPhone - that "not supported" banner pops up..


    how it looks like..


    not supported (in german) phone5-camkit-250x300.png


    what I'd like to do.. %E2%82%AC-600x450.jpg

  • Moogulator Level 1 (85 points)

    btw: Akai LPK25 and Korg MicroKey 37 (and others) worked nicely before, but you can't even connect that adapter..


    - any help welcome.

  • steril Level 1 (5 points)

    Bad thing!!!!! a cydia tweak works, so why does the Iphone 5 not support the camera connection kit? It should work from the technical side...


    The only chance  so far is an iRig Keys or an iRig Midi + 30pin Adapter (but then only with traditional Midi and no USB Midi=> No chance for USB Midi only Keyboards...). But I don´t want to buy another Keyboard!!!


    If the Iphone can´t spend enough power to supply the external Midi Hardware, you can use an external Battery pack.


    Please set the camera connection kit for Iphone 5  free!!!!!!!!!

  • Moogulator Level 1 (85 points)

    there is only one (more) thing to say - it's unacceptable, they really block the iPhone 5 from being played via USB, so all thumbs up to you!!


    thanks a lot for posting it, since apple don't care at all, I have that 30€ adapter now, useless.


    I don't want to buy that special thing since I want to have my own choice which is the MicroKey oder Akai LPK25 right now.


    I don't really like to have to jailbreak it,

    so, the camkit should work, I paid 30€, which isn't close to cheap for a piece of plastic.


    I am not sure if I should continue buying apps at all, since I don't know if they might do this with iPads as well.

    since I am running a forum and magazine for musicians apple might not be lucky..


    very sad, still. ..

  • TronicSynth Level 1 (0 points)



    i have iphone5 with lightning usb adapter, he not work!


    Apple please active usb on iphone, because i want us same at synthizer or effect.


    (Any way if you active you make more mony)


    all for the music!

  • Moogulator Level 1 (85 points)

    hope for it as well..

    thanks for your support - I really do not understand why they completely killed the USB support - it would make me to be able to have something on stage when I have to go by plane etc..


    they may not want musicians to work with iphones and ipod touches.

  • Tom Karches Level 1 (5 points)

    The Camera Connection Kit (CCK) has never worked with the iPhone. The iRig MIDI works with the Lightning adapter if you supply power to the iRig MIDI via the micro USB power connection.


    I suspect that the LPK25 will work with the iPad Mini and the CCK/Lightning adapter combination, but that a powered USB hub will be required.


    The iRig MIDI works with the iPhone 4



  • Moogulator Level 1 (85 points)

    as said - it DID work on iPhone 4 and iPad 2 with lightning adapter without any powered hub. it's only needed for the microkey 37 but not for the microkey 25 - due to the power consumption.


    it still works on the iPad 2 since I am still using it on stage.

    anyway - it's something apple seem not to be interested in that much ;(


    I asked some people there, but they almost do not even know what it's all about,..

    as you can see - nothing really happened - but I wrote an article - and of course it does not recommend iphones for music - we never know if, why and when apple may press the wrong button.


    iRig MIDI is for MIDI, I am talking USB MIDI here which is the usual, since there is less MIDI small or portable keyboards out there. and it's another interface in between. coreMIDI is able to recognize USB MIDI without drivers for a lot of keyboards without another interface - and we don't know what apple will do tomorrow. musicians want it more reliable.

  • De Paula Level 1 (0 points)

    I think the connector Moogulator not working because the usb hub, it provides the energy shortage.

  • Moogulator Level 1 (85 points)

    No, it works with iPhone 4 and iPad without external Power, like most 25key Minikeyboards.

    I am really into it - there's only ONE thing that does not work - the Lightning Port.

    but it DOES work on a Lightning iPad with and without powered hub.


    of course I tried it all and I do not ask for things I did not test.

    I am very familiar with MIDI, Synths, USB Hubs etc.


    I really love that everyone tries to help..


    AGAIN - it's all directly connected and works - the Lightning CamKit Combi won't work for iPhone 5 users but will work on iPad Mini and new Lightning iPads..


    maybe one day I will go for a newer iPAd but I still own iPad 2 which works fine (with and without hubs and even the MS20 Legacy Connection Controller works with powered hub)


    My hope is - apple takes care of us musicians ..

  • De Paula Level 1 (0 points)

    you gave me a sad news, I bought the Ipad 4 and had plans to record my drums with a microphone usb connector on the new ligthinning. be regretting having bought the garage band. however if you were not helping I would have bought the adapter to become unusable.

  • Moogulator Level 1 (85 points)

    hmm, are you sure it already has 2 things:
    1) it must be core audio compliant, - if it's not it won't work on iOS - so if you'd need a driver on macs it surely won't work on iOS dev's


    2) the microphone might need phantom power - that's the case if it's not a dynamic microphone (condenser)


    3) audio is a bit harder than midi, but the same thing - Core MIDI compliance is necessary to make it working.

    some of those are listed here - but it's not updated - newer MIDI stuff might work


    iPad4 and CamKit should work find.

    maybe you need to set the interface in/outs in settings in GB.

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