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unlock my i phone.

iPhone 4S, Windows Vista
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    Only your carrier can unlock the phone and some carriers dont

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    Contact your cellular provider, as they are the only ones that can provide unlocking. No one here can unlock your phone.

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    need help to unlocking iphone

  • Ocean20 Level 6 (13,570 points)

    Then read the two replies you have received... there is your help

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    vadsol66 wrote:


    need help to unlocking iphone

    Did you not read the first two responses?

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    I want to unlock my iphone4 which I bought two years ago from a RadioShack store located in Cleveland. It was a sim locked phone from AT&T (at that time unlocked version of iphone4 was not offered in the market). And i never used this phone with a USA carrier. Two weeks ago, When I applied to AT&T customer service about unlocking device process, they checked imei number of my iphone and told me that my device is not unlockable over AT&T. But they also said that it can be done directly over Apple. How can I proceed? Is there an Apple number that can I contact?


    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    " But they also said that it can be done directly over Apple."


    Not true at all.


    ONLY the carrier to which it is locked can unlock it.  No one else at all.  Not apple.  No one but the carrier to which it locked.

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    I need my iphone to be unlocked since I no longer live in United States. I believe my iphone is off-contract so please do help me unlock it. the IMEI is ****. Please feel free to contact me once the procedure is done. Thanks


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    No one here can unlock your phone. You need to contact your US cellular provider.

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    Never ever give out your iMEi number on a public forum.

    That is a major security risk as the number could be used to clone stolen hand sets


    I am now reporting the thread for your own safety with a request it be taken down.

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    You said you were told, by AT&T customer service: "they checked imei number of my iphone and told me that my device is not unlockable over AT&amp;T. But they also said that it can be done directly over Apple."


    Unfortunately, one AT&T customer service rep told me the same thing.  Two other customer service reps (both in technical support), told me the opposite, and the the second of those 2 succeeded in getting to me the AT&T response, by text message, that:  "Unlock code approved, unlocking instructions at apple.com."


    Of course, going to the Apple home page apple.com, as AT&T instructed, is completely useless because when I searched a few minutes ago for "unlock," Apple does not provide you a relevant result pointing to such alleged "unlocking instructions."  That's why I'm here in this forum looking for a lead to those unlocking instructions on apple.com, but even in multiple threads about this frequent problem (hundreds of thousands of people are leaving AT&T), I see no solution yet.  If anyone can tell you where on apple.com to look, I would like to know, too.

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    ATT staff are lying to you.


    You need to continue to elevate your request with them as THEY are the only body that can authorize an unblock.


    By the way there is NO UNLOCK CODE for an iPhone


    The process is call your network supplier (ATT).


    Request the unblock and pay any fees requested (I believe ATT offer the unblock freely however subject to a minimum subscription period and possible Early Termination fee)


    Your network supplier then contacts Apple to request the White listing (Unlocking) of your phone on the iTunes servers.


    Apple do this -It takes anything from 3 days to several weeks to complete.


    On completion Apple confirms this back to your Network supplier (NOT YOU)


    Your network supplier contacts you via email or SMS inviting you to connect your iPhone with your computer via the supplied USB cable and launch iTunes and follow on screen prompts through to the "Congratulations your iPhone is now unlocked" screen.


    All these steps need to be carried out with the ORIGINAL SIM and by REGISTERED account holder used when setting up the phone.


    Once the Congats...... screen has been reached you can swap out the REGISTERED SIM and replace with a compatible SIM on another network.




    Only the original SIM and Account holder can initiate an unlock- If you bought the phone used/second hand you CAN NOT UNLOCK through official routes


    Once unlocked use of a Mobile Virtual Network SIM may result in difficulties sending SMS messages.

    You may have to go into Setting /Network/Cellular/Cellular Data Network and enter the correct settings manually.


    Further caveat Cellular Data Network menu is SIM card dependant if its not supported you CAN NOT change the settings manually then you may need to contact the SIM card company - They can send a setup SMS if they support this process.


    Sorry for the lecture.


    PRESEE -





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    Gee. They left the thread up? Are we safe?