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So I really don't want to but I'm having a prety absurd problem in Max/MSP and it's the only option left (well nobody really seems to know what's wrong so...here's hoping).


So I pretty much hate doing this and a couple years ago I had problems with my backup so I got a Time Machine RAID array going. Yay. Problem is if I'm having this problem in Max I don't really want to just restore whatever problem it is by restoring from an image - advice on reformatting for audio/Logic guys?


Normally I make a gigantic list of folder and whatnot to make sure I don't screw anything up in transfer and it takes a number of days to do.


Halp! Thanks ;D

MacBook Pro 2.2 C2D, 4GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iBook G4 1.3 Ghz 120GB 7200 RPM HDD 1.5GB Ram, Gen1 iPad
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    What do you want to do. You ramble on and make no sense or fail to describe what you need help with.

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    Title - "Reformating - First time with Time Machine" means I am reformating and it's my first time using Time Machine. 


    The body is there to elaborate .I'm sorry that you did not understand it. Let me clarify


    -I'm using OS X.6.8

    -I have an error that nobody knows how to fix in Max/MSP version 5

    -I also use Logic 8

    -It normally takes me days of creating lists of projects, folders, files and misc. documents to make sure I don't loose anything during back up.

    -This is annoying.

    -I have a Time Machine setup now. It is my first time having this option.

    -In reformating I hope to solve my error.

    -I do not want to bring back this error by using a image of my current system, but would like to use Time Machine if possible as it seems very convenient.


    Is that clearer? I'm sorry for the confusion. I will refrain from adding personality in future posts.  Have a nice day.

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    Are your formatting a Time Capsule or just an external backup drive? To do the former you must use Airport Utility. For the latter:


    Drive Preparation


    1. Open Disk Utility in your Utilities folder.


    2. After DU loads select your hard drive (this is the entry with the mfgr.'s ID and size) from the left side list. Click on the Partition tab in the DU main window.


    3. Under the Volume Scheme heading set the number of partitions from the drop down menu to one. Click on the Options button, set the partition scheme to GUID then click on the OK button. Set the format type to Mac OS Extended (Journaled.) Click on the Partition button and wait until the process has completed.


    I'm sorry, but I cannot help you with the third-party issues. I am unfamiliar with the software.