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Have had this itouch for awhile, was a hand me down from a sister and never tried to do more than browse the internet and sync my music to it.  Every time I try to go to the iTunes Store on the device, it has an error "Cannot connect to iTunes store"  So, I start looking for remedies...


FTR, I can browse the internet fine, and have no issues using wifi at home, or anywhere else.


1.  Yes my version of iTunes on my computer is up to date (actually just downloaded it on this new comp for the first time today).  Also states that my iTouch software is up to date.

2.  Tried hard restart, no luck.

3.  Tried resetting settings, no luck.

4.  Decide to Restore.  Nope.

5.  Repeat restart and resetting of settings, nope.

6.  Go into my wifi setting and change the DNS to as suggested on another thread.  Doesn't work.

7.  Finally get on here to begin troubleshooting:  Try everything included in these links: Can't connect to the iTunes Store, iTunes: Possible iTunes Store errors.,  I've come to the conclusion that my software is the problem, it has 1.1.5.  So...need to download 3.1.3, right?


So, I go to this link: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2052  Purchasing iOS 3.1 Software.  Only, the links on that page that are supposed to go straight to the download, don't work.  They lead me straight back to the iTunes homepage.  Ok...now I try searching for the download....type in search terms "iOS 3.1 download", "3.1 download", "3.1", NOTHING. 


Now trying:  Support; Downloads; iPod; and the oldest iOS listed there is 4.3.3.  Which, to my knowledge, the best a 1st Gen can do is 3.1.3, right?


Where can I actually find this download?  It is not listed anywhere that I can find....  Or is there a different suggestion?  HELP!


Thanks in advance!

iPod touch, iOS 1.x