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We have a 20" 2004 iMac, it was a gift from the original owner and it worked fine for a couple of years but now it won't start. The LED diagnostic tests show that the PSU is okay, but it does have a bad capacitor (at least one that is visibly bulged and leaking). 


This was my 90-yr-old father's computer, with which he was fond of spamming the family with his "latest".


I don't have the money to get this fixed (looks like around $300 is lowest I can find, and not sure of reliablity of repair anyway). 


In trying to figure out what to do, I am contemplating buying something else used, but there is a hitch.  I hesitate to open this can of worms here, but I am "electrosensitive," and, while I have successfully co-existed with wifi at the level of old iMacs' Airport Extreme 802.11g working with the several-years-old AT&T 2Wire wifi router that I am clinging to, I have experienced terrible problems with other wireless equipment.  A wireless card I installed in an old PC made life unbearable until I removed it, for one example -- I wish I knew what that card's specs were now. I avoid experimenting as much as possible, trying to stick with what I know I am okay with.


So, if you will bear with me and tolerate the concept of electrosensitivity, my question is "what Macs are compatible with an Airport Extreme 802.11g card?" (I assume that newer Macs are not). 


And alternatively, do newer Macs have built-in wireless, and therefore limiting them to 802.11g by switching a card or something would not be possible?


Thanks for any ideas.

G5, Mac OS X (10.4.3)