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I am unlocking my previous iphone4 to use in Nepal. It was replaced with my new iphone5. The unlock article is asking me to "restore" my i4. I don't want to restore my i4 meaning that I don't want all my current i5 data associated with this i4. Can I set up as a new phone? Or do I really have to do a full restore?

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    What do you think is the difference between "set up as a new phone" and " a full restore"?

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    Thanks Roaminggnome. Here's the directions given after I called in to get it unlocked.


    1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC and verify that you have internet connectivity.

    2. Connect your iPhone using the dock connector to USB cable that came with your iPhone.

    3. Backup and restore your iPhone using iTunes .

        (For information on backup and restore, please visit http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414.)

    4. After restoring, your iPhone will be unlocked.


    So I was read it as restoring from a previous backup on itunes. In iTunes there is only two choices. Restore from a previous backup or Set up as a new iphone. If I have to restore from a previous backup, won't all my new iphone5 data be moved back to this old iphone4? That doesn't seem like the path I'd want to take.

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    Then restore as new.

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    Thanks Roaminggnome. You were correct. I restored as a new phone, bought a cheap T-Mobile $10.00 pre paid micro SIM card to test it and it works. I did have to plug my phone back into Itunes using the USB cord once the new SIM card was installed into the phone. Then the signal went from "searching" to T-Mobile.

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    how did you unlock you iphone 4  what software did you use? I am having trouble unlocking mine

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    I just unlocked mine by asking ATT.  As long as you're out-of-contract, they will do it.  Otherwise, there are companies online that do it for a fee.