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OK, I've put this question in the Apple TV area since that is the main component involved, but it also involves my iPhone and MacBook Pro. It's to do with Airplay. The issue is as follows. Let's say I use my laptop to listen to iTunes or the SomaFM app or some such app, and I used Airplay to throw this signal to my Apple TV and thus my home stereo system. So I do that, and then stop doing that at some point. At some later time I use my iPhone to listen to a concert on Moshcam (or audio/video from any other app) and also use Airplay to throw that signal to my Apple TV and thus my home stereo system. Now, during this listening experience, let's say I use my browser on my laptop to do some work or research, or anything at all really. Now what happens is, if I go to a website with one of those annoying audio/video plugins that automatically plays when you navigate to the website, the signal from my laptop is thrown to my Apple TV, disrupting the signal that had been coming from my iPhone and my listending experience is thus impacted. Do I have to remember to always turn Airplay off on my laptop each time I use it, or is there some settings that will in effect tell the Apple TV to never interrupt a stream? Thanks for any help anyone can give.

AppleTV 2, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), All devices are up to date