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dtrantz Level 1 Level 1

why does my ipad keep saying I don't have enough cloud storage when on the surface it doesn't look like I'm using the 5gb?  And the stupid message saying it can't back up will not clear from my Ipad which currently makes it not usable.

iOS 6
  • pvonk Level 6 Level 6

    The problem could be that you don't have enough storage on the device itself, not on iCloud.  Go to Settings>General>Storage to see how much "Storage" you have available.  Farther down the list is the available storage on iCloud.


    Also check:

    Go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backups>Manage Storage; there, tap the device you need info on and the resulting screen lists Backup Options with which apps store data on iCloud.



    A device needs many MB of storage in order to perform a backup to iCloud.