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I came through here as cannot open in Lion.


When down loaded up dates, had many problems in lion 10.7.5   


when up loading photos and the drop down menure in finder opens, To chose file , When clicking on file another opens,

When exporting same problem , click on folder and another folder opens , I have to go through this again to get in the right folder.



i also have mail issures. and up loading issus that no one ells ssem to have that dont use mac.


When up loading to pixoto. the up loads on large files are all triped colours.


I enterd the canon marathon, dead line 9pm.. I had so much stress as their up loader would not start. i had to send e mail.


E mails :  I have to clck view and tick view by date every time now, Its unstable , never stays the same.


Cannot enlarge enough to read the mail Got new galses but the enlarge only 3 steps. Same for the desk top. Un user friendly for shot sighted people.



please help resolve this , Cost my an over draft to get this mad book pro.

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1, Lion 8 gb ram Custom HD screen. 750