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In the earlier Safari 5.1.7 - under "Preferences" - "Privacy" I could "Remove all Website data".  There was also an option under "Safari" to "Empty Cache".


In Safari 6.0.1, there is still the same option under "Preferences" to "Remove all Website data" but the "Empty Cache" under the "Safari" menu is gone.


So, in Safari 6.0.1, when I select "Remove All Website Data" am I also emptying the Cache? 


Or is there another way I can clear out the Cache? 


I noticed under the "Develop" tab on Safari 6.0.1 there is a selection called "Empty Caches".  Not sure if that is the same thing as was in Safari 5.1.7 or something different?


Thanks in advance for the help!


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Safari 6.0, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), (Current Using Safari 6.0.1)
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    You can empty the cache either by deleting history or by clicking Empty Caches from the Develop menu.

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    Thanks Carolyn!

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    You're welcome.

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    I confirmed that I'm using the same version of OS and Safari as DMerz but I can't find a Develop menu.  Where would I find that?

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    Hi Daniel,


    Go to Sarari "Preferences" and then to the "Advanced" tab.  At the bottom is a checkbox to select "Show Develop Menu in the Menu bar". 



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    Wow does that ever speed up Safari. I couldn't find the empty cache button until I read about the new hidden spot here and wow, taking out the trash sure makes it run nice and fast. Thanks

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    Yeah, I 'flush' that cache everyday after I'm done browsing.  You don't have to do it everyday, it's just a habit I got into.  You can also go to 'Safari' - 'Preferences' - 'Privacy' tab and select 'Remove All Website Data' periodically if you want.  I don't think that does much other than remove cookies etc.


    I've also read some place on here where there are ways to clear out built up temp files etc.  Which can be useful for freeing up a bit of disk space.  The experts on here can elaborate more on that.


    One caution is if you go to the Safari 'History' tab and select 'Clear All History',  you will end up with all your bookmark's missing the site's favicon.  You will just see the blue ball favicon.  Just a minor annoyance, at least for me but doesn't cause any other issues.  Once you visit the site again, you'll get the original favicon back.