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How can I set iPhoto up to automatically erase the photos off the SD card after uploading?

iPhoto '11, iOS 6
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    See:  iPad: Using the iPad Camera Connection Kit


    Importing photos and videos

    Use the following steps to import media from your digital camera or SD card:

    1. Connect the iPad Camera Connector or SD Card Reader to the iPad Dock Connector.
    2. Depending on the connector you are using, connect your digital camera via USB or insert an SD card.
    3. Photos on iPad will open in the Camera pane, displaying your media and the option to Import All.
    4. Tap Import All to import your content, or tap specific items and tap Import.
    5. When the import is complete, you have the option to Keep or Delete the media on the camera or SD card.
      Note: When using certain digital cameras or SD cards, you may be unable to delete images from the device. In these situations, the Delete option will not appear.

    With some cameras or cards it is not possible, to delete the card after import.


    Anyway, reconsider, if you really want to erase the card this way. It is considered bad practice to do so for several reasons:

    • The safest way to erase the card is doing it in the camera (by reformatting the card). Letting apps erase the card may corrupt the file system on the card.
    • Don't erase the card, before you have checked all images thoroughly, if they imported correctly. Directly after import it is impossible to tell if all images have been imported correctly. You only see the previews and not the raw images during import.
    • The card will serve as a backup, until you have made a backup of the imported images.