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I want to use 3-4 for my headphones, but have the same mix on it then 1-2.


I do not want to create an Aux-bus-send for every single channel strip. I guess there must be an easy solution for this...

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    Hi there,


    I think the best thing to do (and I do so with configuration in-ears) is to create a new audio channel strip called eg "master keyboard" and send all channel strips for that bus. The entry would be one of Buses (ex. 1) and the output Output 1-2.


    Now create a new audio channel strip called eg "headphones" to enter one of the buses (eg 2) and output Output 3-4.


    Now a send from the master keyboard to send the Bus 2 (headphones).


    It seems hard but it is really quite easy. Read several times and follow step by step.


    I think this is a good way because it has control of everything (volumes, placing inserts, etc.) on each output of your card (master keyboard and headphones and other).


    in my case I also have a mic input is one whose output is output 4 (ex) and could be a send to bus 2 (headphones) would be listening, independent levels with a mixture of keyboard and mic.


    try it and post your results.


    Good Luck

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    Just use the I/O plugin (Utilities sub-menu) on the master channel for Output 1-2. Leave the return routing (I forget exactly how it is labelled) unassigned and the signal flow through Output 1-2 will be unimpeded.

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    I´m glad I could help you. Anytime.