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OK, I have a 4th Gen Touch and I am thiking about getting an iPad. Some of the apps I have are iPad compatible, but I want to be able to transfer my existing apps because I want the save data to be ported to the iPad. This would NOT be a duplication as I would purge the iPod of the transfered content. Can this be done, and if so, how?

iPod touch, iOS 6
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    @Gene Starwind

         There are a few ways to transfer apps from an iOS device to another. Here are the ways:

    1) iCloud

    2) iTunes


    Number 1:

         When you get the iPad and set it up, sign into iCloud. To get to iCloud, tap Settings>iCloud. Then, add your Apple ID if it is not already there. Then, toggle everything you see to 'ON' (i.e. Mail, Contacts< Calenders< Reminders, etc.) and then go to 'Storage and Backup' and turn on 'iCloud Backup'. This will sync everything from the iPod touch 4th Generation to the iPad.


    Number 2:

         When you get the iPad, plug it into iTunes. All your Music, Apps, Books, Magazines, Photos, etc. will be synced to the iPad. To select specific Apps to install, follow these directions:


    1) Open iTunes

    2) Under the 'Device' tab, find the name of your iPad. After that, click 'Apps' and select the specific ones you want on your iPad. You can also do this with music, books, podcasts, etc.


    Hope this helps,

         Genius of Apple

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    I don't really think you understand what I want to do. I have games with embedded save data on my iPod Touch. I can put the games on another iDevice in iTunes. I want to know how to transfer the version on my current iDevice that contains my active save data to another device. The save data is key. I don't want to have to start over again on a different device.

    Your description makes little sense, to me in this regard.

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    You won't be able to do that.  Sorry!  There are a few games, however, that are saved to Game Center.  Open the app Game Center and then sign in with your Apple ID. (Game Center is pre-installed.). To transfer games over, use the above methods.


    Hope this helped!