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I'm hoping that the 4-6 week wait-time on my Snow Leopard DVD is just Apple trying to protect themselves and that I'll be pleasantly surprised when it arrives some time in the next 2 weeks I have a late 2009 Macbook Pro (running Mac OS X 10.5.8), have been annoyed with my inability to update my browser(s) - not that I'm pointing the finger at anyone but myself for that - and have just bought the iPhone 5.  I've read a bunch of discussions here (before and after calling to order my Snow Leopard upgrade DVD) and while I'm more than willing to take the blame for having waited too long to update my OS and pay the $19.99 + shipping (a reasonably price to be sure!), I'm NOT happy that I'm being additionally penalized by having to wait until close to Christmas to be able to properly browse the internet AND use my new iPhone.  #ranting


Anyways, anybody have any luck finding a copy of the DVD in-store?  Or has anybody ordered the upgrade DVD through Apple, told they would be waiting 4 - 6 weeks and was pleasantly surprised with shipping turnaround?  Any info. would be much appreciated... I'm in denial about having to live like this for 4-6 more weeks. (First world problem, but come on - I'M A MAC!!)

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    Usually Apple is quite quick at sending out disks, I had to replace my iWork06  disks recently, and they showed up up in 4 days, (standard shipping) Unless their supply is exhausted, I would think they are just covering themselves. They are pretty good at getting stuff out in a timely fashion.  All the best.

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    It took all of 5 (business) days to receive my copy of the Snow Leopard DVD.  Feeling a little silly for having been so concerned, but thanks for the info. re: your experience!


    To anybody else who's waiting on their copy: probably no need to freak out like I did.