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    hi, im just new here and would appreciate any help. Anyway, ive been using my mac for 2yrs now and recently when I came back from a long vacation I uploaded thousands of photos to my iphoto '11 (9.2.3) I don't know what happened but when I created a folder for all the pictures for my vacation there is exclamation mark and cant see the photos and fortunately videos are still there but all the photos were i guess corrupted. I tried all the possible solution like rebuild the iphoto, downloaded iphoto library manager and rebuild photos there but this specific folder is also not showing, I also tried "show package content" and view it in "masters" but its also not showing. is there anything else I could do to recover those photos? Sorry Im not sure if I back up because im not so familiar using my mac. I only use to browse and watch movies. Pls help. thanks

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    It would be best to start a new thread


    what exactly do you mean "You created a new folder" - in iPhoto folders do not hold photos - they hold albums or other folders


    If the photos are not in "Masters" then you have a problem


    Your best soplution probably is going to be to restore from your bakup from just before this occured



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    Do you still have the photos on the camera?  If not does the camera have a removable memory card?  If it soes you can try using one of the photo recovery applicaitons like    MediaRECOVER  to recover the photos from the card.  You can use it in demo mode to see if it can recover the photos before you have to purchase it.


    In any case never let iPhoto delete the photos from the card after import.  Use the camera to reformat the card.  It helps avoid issues like this and others.



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    hi, thanks for your response, yeah I mean I created a new album this specific album showing the exclamation mark. and unfortunately, I don't know if i set up a back up or not. im not so techie person so im not sure if i have a back up or something, i dont even know how to use the time machine, i just read about the time machine when i was trying to find a solution on this. so is there anything else i could do?

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    hello, actually i got those photos from my iphone 5 and sync it to my iphoto and when i already uploaded it i accidentally press the delete photo instead of keep photo, but im not that worried since i already transferred it to my iphoto, when i was trying to copy those photo to my friend's USB thats the only time i saw those exclamation mark.

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    1 - you did not set up a backup then you do not have one - withou one you are 100% guarenteed to lose all of yoru files including your photos sooner or later - You need to purchase a hard drive at least 2 1/2 times the size of your main hard drive and start Time Machine - - for the future


    2 - Back up your iPhoto library, Depress and hold the option (alt) and command keys and launch iPhoto - rebuild your iPhoto library database



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    ok i will definitely do that. thanks for your advice

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    Hello Terence, I am new to this forum as of today, I recently purchased a mac mini 2GHZ with 4gb ram, I updated OS to mountain lion 10.8.5 and iPhoto 11.  I converted from microsoft. my data is stored on a time capsule 2tb network HD. after following your advice i'm able to use iphoto and access my contacts perfectly. Thank you for providing so much info on this. I have rebuilt my library after iphoto crashed, i beleive my library was corrupt, i would like to now delete my corrupt iphoto library (37.xx GB) but it doesnt seem to delete, which makes me wonder if its a bad idea to delete. Any advice is much appreciated, i hope i provided enough info, this is first post.

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    a couple of things


    1 - we can not see you or yoru computer so we need details - "it doen't seem to delete" does not help - what exactly are you doing to delete it? What exactly does happen? What does not happen?


    Basically on a Mac you delete by dragging a file or folder or package to the trash in the right side of the Dock and emptying the trash - be sure because this can not be undone



    2 - Are you using your TimeCapsule strrictly as an external hard drive? Or is it being used for yoru Time Machine backup? If so you should not have your iPhoto library on it as sooner or later it will quit working and you will have no backup of it




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    Thanks for the response, here's the rest of the information


    what happens when I try to delete...I tried to "move to trash" which opens a dialog box as if its deleting "deleting one item" after 15 minutes i cancelled via the small x.  I then tried to drag the file to the trash with the same results however i waited longer before i cancelled. the file is still in finer with the same size attributes.


    I am using time capsule as an external HD (including all media and iPhoto library) both (corrupt and rebuilt) iPhoto libraries are on my  external HD time capsule, i have been storing my time machine backups folder on the same time capsule HD, (i have only one) my Macintosh HD is 120GB and i hadnt planned on using it for any storage but i can/will make changes to this configuration at your recommenation.


    I searched several forums and support questions but havent found an answer about removing the bad library after rebuild


    Thanks again

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    Hi Folks -


    After some hair pulling I discovered that my backup drive had sustained physical sector damage and the iPhoto Library would not function.


    I found the only way I could recover my LARGE photo library was to use a third party cloning program & cloned the iPhoto library.   The software recognised the damaged sectors but recovered everything else.   I lost only the photos on the damaged sectors but recovered almost all of my Library.   Much relieved.


    Hope this helps someone.....

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    If I reinstall iPhoto (using iPhoto 9.5.1) will I lose all photos or will they still be in icloud?

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    No and No


    Reinstalling does not lose photos - but OF COURSE you never ri=einstall, upgrade or update without a glow backup in case f rare problems


    And no your photo are not in the cloud - there is no provision of any sort for storing your iPhoto for Mac photos in the co=loud at this point


    and probably no - reinstalling iPhoto probably will not cure what ever undisclosed problem you have since over 99% of the problem are data related not application related


    Start new thread with your specific issues and configuration for assistance



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    Hi Terence

    I too am having a problem with a corrupt library


    I only noticed when updating to 'Photos' a couple of days ago, so restored my system to a couple of weeks ago to get rid of 'Photos' but now there is still a lot of greyed out invisible pictures that I can't access/missing in 'iPhoto', so the 'iPhoto' library must have become corrupt some time ago


    I've tried the 4 different first aid options in iPhoto and none have worked. I've even made sure all the permissions are correct, moved the library to an external drive, etc, and still the same pictures are missing in iPhoto.


    Searching through the numerous posts on these matters I see yourself and someone called Old Toad have both been very helpful to the community over the years with your suggestions, and both bring up iPhoto Library Manager a lot. It appears this may be my last resort, I assume you must have had some success with the application in the past. Do you use the paid version or free trial? Do you know what limitations the free trial has when trying to rebuild a library?


    Alternatively have you ever tried or would recommend creating an entirely new library in 'Photos' or 'iPhoto' and then just importing the Masters and Preview folders from the 'show package contents' in the previous iPhoto library?


    Many thanks in advance

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (134,450 points)

    The free trial has no limitations when it comes to rebuilding.


    I would go to the new library as a last resort and under no circumstances bring in the Previews folder or you'll have massive duplication.

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