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Since changing over to imap, I can only get my email by quitting mail and then restart it? It works fine on my iPhone. Anyone out there got some idea's??


Thanks in advance


Rob Moser

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hello Rob,


    Who is your eMail provider, the part after the @ sign?


    In Mail's Window Menu, choose Connection Doctor, any red dots for status, if so what is the message?


    Then click the Show Details button & Check again.

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    Hi, my provider is @telus.net


    I did check the connection doctor and everything is green. It's strange that I have to quit mail and reopen it to get my emails. This worked fine until I switched over to imap from pop. It all works fine on my iPhone, I can send and receive mail with no problems, it's only my mac at home which can't seem to receive, it sends out email no problem.

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    Did you change the Incoming server to...


    Incoming Mail Server: imap.telus.net


    Instead of the old...


    Incoming Mail Server: pop.telus.net


    Is there 2 entries for telus incoming server?


    The receiving email ports are:


    IMAP is port 143

    IMAP-SSL is port 993

    POP is port 110

    POP-SSL is port 995

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    yes I did change the mail server to imap and the port numbers are correct now. I have noticed today that when I close the mail on my iPhone the mail comes through to my computer, so it seems it cannot appear on both my computer and iPhone at the same time, I have to close the iPhone to allow mail to my computer, seems odd? At least it's getting to my computer now.


    Any thoughts on this?


    Thanks so much for your help

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    Hmmm, is the Phone maybe POP & removing Mail from the Server?

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    I checked the iPhone and it's set for imap, this is a mystery for me. Not sure what to try next. Are there other settings on the iPhone that might be causing this?


    Thanks again

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    Whew, sorry, no iPhone here to check what settings it might have.


    Is the iPhone removing Mail, or do they all old ones come through if the iPhone is off?


    If that's the case, my wild guess is that telus.net might only allow one connection at a time???