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My "extra laptop" is an iBook G4 1.2Ghz 12" model which i got second hand.


I am sure that at some point in its life it has had the screen replaced with one of the 1.33Ghz model which has bluetooth as standard. I say this because when you pop of the keyboard there are TWO antenna cables, not ONE like there is supposed to.


Anyway, the problem I have is that the connectors on both antenna cables are small and a sort of female type (like my Core Duo 2006 iMac) and neither cable fits into the connector/socket on my iBook's Airport Extreme card as it requires the cable has a longer male connector.


So I am stuck with having to either having to keep the iBook next to the router or else using a wifi dongle or else ethernet cable.


Is there some sort of adapter that can fit on the connector of the antenna cable to extrend the connector and make it male to fit in the Airport card ?

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    Hello and welcome to the support community.


    You hit the nail right on the head when you said about the screen being replaced by a later 1.33Ghz model.

    The 133Ghz (2005) models came with the same AirPort extreme cards at the PowerBook 17". These are module based and attached to the logic board. Your 1.2Ghz model had an airport extreme card under the keyboard.

    The attachment of the antenna cable does have a completely different connector.


    There are no adapters that I'm aware of.


    Sadly the only way to resolve this would be to buy and fit a new antenna cable in the screen housing.

    Personally I would replace the screen itself to the correct screen, using a secondhand screen that works.

    It would be much easier to fit than fiddling about with cables in the screen casing.


    The cable is too small and fine to cut and join together. You might be able to do that, but from past experience when the end came off of a PowerBook, it didn't join properly leaving a very weak signal.


    Hope this helps.