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I'd like to block the possibiloity that my son changes his IP address in Settings > Wi-Fi

I didn't find any possibility in Settings > General > Restrictions to achieve this.

Also Google didn't help.


In other words ... he should keep Wi-Fi access, but at the selected IP address I configured.


Is this possible?



iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1
Reply by lllaass on Oct 21, 2012 2:06 AM Helpful

There is no way to do that. Sorry.

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    There is no way to do that. Sorry.

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    Thanks a lot!

    That's (unfortunately) what I expected.

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    Rather than attempting to do that within the device, in this case your son's device.....why don't you use the controls that are built into virtually every router to control this ?


    This video link below won't show you how to do it specifically but, if you don't already know how, it will talk you through logging into a router. But a word of caution, if you dont really know anything about router settings proceed with care & caution because modifying a wrong setting risks shutting your Internet service access down and "could" also cause you to have to reset (potentially). Both can be frustrating / time consuming things to attempt.


    One sugesstion is to log in and famaliarize yourself with settings & features. If you want more help post again. We can do facetime to to assist you in a walk through.


    Look at the 2nd video  http://allabouthomeelectronics.com/how-to.html


    Per Apple policy we want to let you know if you visit we might benefit or even make a small profit.

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    Thanks, but I use a FRITZ!Box 7390.


    If I didn't miss anything, there's only one "countermeasure" inside this router. It's to forbit new Wi-Fi devices to connect. However this feature I need to keep enabled. since there are too many new devices which need access on daily basis.


    Disabling DHCP is not an option since one could try out IP addresses until one working is found, and on top of this by doing so, generate a great amount of IP conflicts inside the LAN.


    Any other other ideas?



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    Pulled up the owner's manual for the Fritz!Box 7390 purely to get famaliar with it's respective settings, capabilities etc.


    The headline to your original post is, "Block WiFi settings" however its a little unclear what problem you are trying to solve by doing that on your Apple device or which Apple product (?)


    All devices having some Internet or Home Computer Network connectability, be they from APPLE or some other manufacturer, come from the factory with a unque MAC address that most often can not be changed. There are way(s) to block MAC addresses from a network / Internet


    We posted an image here at this website page link to How to Setup Wifi.  The image as at the very bottom of the page.

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    With "Block WiFi settings" I meant to block the possibility to change the IP address after a WiFi connection was configured (either by DHCP or fix IP). I just want the device (it's an iPod touch) to keep the IP I configured, and at which the FB7390 manges the parent restriction.

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    Your son is changing the IP address settings in his iPod (as you sugessted in the original post)

    His iPod has a distinct MAC address that no other device in the world has (at least in theory)

    I would log into the setup of your Router and assign a fixed IP address to that MAC address.

    This way when he changes his IP address (or attempts to) the Router should detect the duplicate MAC address and disallow his change. Its a conflict that the router can't process.

    The way he gets around that is to default the router to factory settings (easier if you have cable Internet as opposed to DSL - PPOe Internet.

    Outside of these tips....not sure what else to recommend.

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    For clarification purposes...MAC address...in the context of the post above has no relationship to Apple MAC. The abreviation is just a simple coincidence.

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    Thanks a lot.


    Yes, network stuff is familiar to me (MAC address).


    However the used router (FB7390) has no feature to nail an IP to a specific MAC address. Therefore your suggestion doesn't work.


    I believe I can't succeed due to lack of features on both sides (router an iPod touch).



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    Mac address.jpg

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    This is highly hardware (router) dependant.

    My router (FRITZ!Box 7390) doesn't provide this feature.