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I used to have a AEBS, It was the N version but not dual channel. Since I was backing up seperate I decided to get a TC. The TC I got wasn't the newest but it is a N 1Tb dual channel.


I put it in the exact same spot as my AEBS, set it up, but I've definitely noticed that the WiFi performance isn't as good. I use WiFi for it in my house for my iPad 2 and S3, BB playbook.


What could be wrong? Why poor performance, in that the signaliisn't as strong and I get drop outs and very very slow performance, so much on my S3,I just use 3G (H+) as it's faster.


Any help or suggestions please


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    Exactly what model do you have.. the A model number from rubber foot please.. A1xxx??


    TC cook themselves.. and I think in the process the wireless can lose power.. Older TC can have very poor wireless..

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    Sorry I meant to put the model on, it's the A1355 type. I did hear about earlier TC having probs with power supplies, didn't know it was also WiFi probs.


    Is mine one of those affected? How can I tell and test?



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    Both Gen 1 and Gen2 AEBS I think should be Marvell wireless. But they had 3 antenna..


    The Gen 4 AEBS A1354 and the Gen 3 TC A1355 should also be Marvell wireless but are dual band with only 2 antenna for each band and I think one is shared.. I don't really like shared antenna.


    It means orientation is more important.. so keep the TC front led (think of it as a laser beam) aimed directly at the clients.. the antennas are in the edges.. on the 3 faces.. nothing in the back.. nothing top or bottom.


    I would do the setup of the TC again. Start from a factory reset.


    Is it the correct model for your region?? Make sure the wireless is set to your country.


    Make sure power levels are set to 100%.. it should be by default. 


    To stop the auto band swapping and auto channels swapping set SMB names to 2.4ghz and 5ghz.. which are different. Lock the channels for 2.4ghz particularly .. try channel 1,6, 11 in turn..


    Use WPA2 Personal security.


    Gen 3 should be ok power supply wise.. they tend to blow the board which you will know because it will stop working.


    If it is still bad.. and you don't want to trade it off again.. buy a set of antennas.. I see on ebay you can buy these sets.. get a decent set for 2.4ghz and leave the 5ghz as it doesn't transmit that well anyway. You only need therefore two decent, say 8dbi antenna..


    A little bit of drilling you can make it look like a gothic chair or a NASA space antenna. But you will get far superior performance from it.


    Tell me if you want to know more.

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    Thanks will have a look at a few things you mention. I use WPA2 by the way worked I live in UK, and it is a UK TC

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    Ok, for UK you can use up to channel 13 which is often fairly unused so a good choice.. only some clients are hampered with US drivers.. which seem to follow the idea the US rules the world and therefore any wifi regulation setup in the US is universal.. !! Got me tricked more than once.