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    Got to get one thing off my chest. To the GarageBand pro people-----GarageBand IS logic with a different GUI. Think about it. They sound the same. They integrate seamlessly. And GarageBand was release incredibly fast after apple bought Emagic. Logic is GarageBand Pro. On a side note,  I would not mind a little de-cluttering of logic. If apple can make logic different so I can think more about music  and less about software then I am all for it. I like being a musician more than a technician.

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    Sorry guys, garage band has been around way before Apple bought Logic from Emagic because Locic was cross platform, I had it on the PC starting with version 4! Apple acquired the Logic developers when they bought Logic so GarageBand acquired all the technologies Logic, not the other way around!

  • Pancenter Level 6 (9,330 points)



    GarageBand was developed by Apple under the direction of Dr. Gerhard Lengeling, formerly of the German company Emagic, makers of Logic Audio. (Emagic was acquired by Apple in July 2002.)


    The application was announced during Steve Jobs’s keynote speech at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco on 6 January 2004; musician John Mayer assisted with its demonstration.


    Garageband is not exactly Logic with a different GUI, although it uses some of the same core technologies. At one point I think Garageband contained newer technologies than Logic.

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    In some ways, I think there will be a convergence of the new Logic and Garageband. Recording technology has become more acecssable and easier to operate since the days of CV gates and pathbays so it's inetivable. Someone from 20 years ago might look at Logic and suggest it's a toy as it's so easy to use

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