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Background: if Aperture doesn't have write access to /Library/Application Support/ProApps/ProAppsSystemID then it continually prompts for registration information, and stores it in /tmp/ProAppsSystemID. On restart this tmp file is removed, and thus re-requested every time.


The resolution for this issue is to:


  • open Aperture and re-enter your registration / serial number (for the last time)
  • close Aperture
  • Execute these commands in your terminal:


mv /tmp/ProAppsSystemID ~/Library/Application\ Support/Aperture

sudo rm /Library/Application\ Support/ProApps/ProAppsSystemID

sudo ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/Aperture/ProAppsSystemID \

  /Library/Application\ Support/ProApps/ProAppsSystemID


  • restart Aperture


What we are doing here is replacing the actual license file with a link to the same file where we can write to it.


Question: why is this required? Files like this should be stored in ~/Library/... or created only during registration, with admin prompt, and then read only from then on.