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adamkrause2004 Level 1 (0 points)

  I have a DVD with a slideshow of a bunch of photos from my wedding that I want to RIP - or - import , as it were;  into imovie so I can grap parts of it for a video I'm building.  No matter what I do, no matter how many avenues I go down, no matter how many posts I read in this forum with people arguing back and forth about how easy or hard it is or what simple little free apps you need to download .......NOTHING works.  ALL of the "free" apps are bulls**t.  they watermark your work or give you one little clip of your movie unlees you buy the full $39.99 version.

   There are things I really like about this Imac and things I really this.  This should be so simple - yet it is not.

I'm not even sure if I'm asking a question or just ranting about this whole hting.  I guess I'm asking a question.  Does anyone REALLY know how to do this ?

I'm seriously about to drive to the apple store and plunk down the dvd on the counter.


(lol.....the posters that laugh and say how simple this is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS leave out hugely important steps)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    If the DVD is in the standard format of mpeg2 it is highly compressed and not intended for editing. You therefore have to 'reverse engineer' the material. You will experience some quality loss.


    You need to convert the VOB files in the TS-Folder of the DVD back to DV which iMovie is designed to handle. For that you need mpegStreamclip:



    which is free, but you must also have the  Apple mpeg2 plugin :



    (unless you are running Lion in which case see below))

    which is a mere $20.


    Another possibility is to use DVDxDV:



    which costs $25.


    For the benefit of others who may read this thread:


    Obviously the foregoing only applies to DVDs you have made yourself, or other home-made DVDs that have been given to you. It will NOT work on copy-protected commercial DVDs, which in any case would be illegal.


    And from the TOU of these forums:


    Keep within the Law

    1. No material may be submitted that is intended to promote or commit an illegal act.
    2. Do not submit software or descriptions of processes that break or otherwise ‘work around’ digital rights management software or hardware. This includes conversations about ‘ripping’ DVDs or working around FairPlay software used on the iTunes Store.


    If you are running Lion:


    From the MPEG Streamclip homepage


    The installer of the MPEG-2 Playback Component may refuse to install the component in Lion. Apple states the component is unnecessary in Lion, however MPEG Streamclip still needs it. See this:



    To install the component in Lion, please download MPEG Streamclip 1.9.3b7 beta above; inside the disk image you will find the Utility MPEG2 Component Lion: use it to install the MPEG-2 Playback Component in Lion. The original installer's disk image (QuickTimeMPEG2.dmg) is required.


    The current versions of MPEG Streamclip cannot take advantage of the built-in MPEG-2 functionality of Lion. For MPEG-2 files you still need to install the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component, which is not preinstalled in Lion. You don't have to install QuickTime 7.

  • trouble me Level 1 (105 points)

    I do not know about other programs but I use "Handbreak" (free) to convert a DVD to a fromat that will be reconized by iMovie. Hope this helps. I also use this to get format of DVD to use in iTunes.

  • adamkrause2004 Level 1 (0 points)

    ok...great.  I already had streamclip from a previous nightmare of trying to figure this out and now I just bought the mpeg 2 converter for $20, now what ?.  When I open streamclip i get a little grey window with 5 blue dots in the middle of the screen and no ability to do ANYTHING with any of the tabs or buttons in the window..

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    You drag the video file into that window and select what you want to convert it to. That also activates the buttons etc.

  • adamkrause2004 Level 1 (0 points)

    God bless you for all your help but thats doesn't work.  When I drag it in, it just disappears and nothing happens.  At this point I feel sure the F*******G wedding photographer put some kind of copyright encryption on there and even though I bought and paid for this data,...I cannot use it for anything other that to watch HIS little movie.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    Is this a video file or a data DVD full of photos?


    If the latter all you have to do is copy the photos to iPhoto, then you can include them in an iMovie project.

  • adamkrause2004 Level 1 (0 points)

    It is a dvd full of still photos that run as a slideshow along with a music track.  The face of the disc is one of those custom ones with a portrait of us on it so it has no info on what type of disc it is.

  • babowa Level 7 (29,085 points)

    MPEG Streamclip is good, but can't handle all formats (unfortunately). A couple of other things to try:


    Control click on the DVD icon and then on show package contents (if that doesn't work, keep digging - clicking on every item/folder - until you can either click on show package contents or until you see a bunch of individual icons = your pictures). If you can get there, you may be able to copy them to your desktop.


    As suggested, another is to try Handbrake - I don't use it, but it's worth a shot.


    While typing this, another thought occurred to me: if this is in some proprietary Windows format, you won't be able to do much of anything with it with a Mac. If you have a friend or neighbor with a PC, take it over and see if it can be copied/converted there and then copy it to a USB stick to take back home.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,600 points)

    Babowa is right, but it would be useful to know what software he used to make that slide show. Dos it play on a DVD player?

  • ~Bee Level 7 (31,365 points)

    I feel sure the ____ wedding photographer put some kind of copyright encryption



    That wouldn't surprise me a bit.

  • Abby11 Level 1 (65 points)

    Yeah, same here. MPEG Streamclip is great, but can't work in some cases.

    To rip dvd I got some programs for me: handbrake, MPegStreamclip, DVD rip from Mac App Store, they working nice for me most the time, that's OK for me. As I believe some DVD movies can't rip by any ways.

  • adamkrause2004 Level 1 (0 points)

    ok so I brought it to work and put it in my PC.  In the properties, it says it's two things:



    Philips DVD+RW DVD8701


    Does any of that mean anything special ? ...I mean it kind of looks like a standard DVD format to me.

  • adamkrause2004 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes it does play on a standard DVD player.

  • babowa Level 7 (29,085 points)

    It can be a standard DVD (I'm surprised he'd be using a re-writable disk though as evidenced by the +RW designation); in any case, it would be the format of the pics/videos that could be a proprietary Windows format.

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