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Last week I purchased "Prometheus" on the AppleTV in my home theater. The AppleTV is networked to a Mac Mini and Home Sharing is enabled. All of my Apple devices share the same AppleID and I am able to play my entire collection of movies on all devices. All devices are logged into iCloud.I have the Mini, six AppleTVs, iPad, two iPhones, and an iPod Touch.


A couple of days after the movie was purchased I decided to check to see if it had been loaded on the Mini. It was not. I checked for available downloads and there were none. Wanting to insure that the movie was included in the library I asked to purchase again. I have done this numerous times with aps and other content and I am asked if I am certain. My response is yes and I have always been told that since I have already made the purchase that there would be no charge.


Imagine my surprise when I received a bill that listed the purchase TWICE! On the same receipt! I immediately contacted support, the response was that the could not issue a refund or credit. I escalated the request and again got a refusal. I continue to press for resolution to the double billing of my account. My next step will be to contact my credit card company to initiate a dispute.


It is clear that there is a part of the process that is broken and must get fixed. With all of the devices utilizing the same ID I should never see a duplicate billing no matter how may time I request a download as long as it is to me and me alone.


Has anyone else had this experience? If so, please contribute to this discussion so we can get this fixed. As a former Apple Creative and a shareholder I feel it imperative that customer be treated fairly.

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    Since posting this I have been in daily contact with iTunes support. It took three emails to get a proper resolution and a full refund for the double billing. Thank you Victoria for helping. I was also asked to reset my warnings in iTunes. Here is the link that describes what to do. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1734.


    I also went a step further and checked the submenu asking for emails on downloads and for verification of content that is ready to be downloaded and added to iTunes. Hopefully this resolves the possibility of a double bill for content. If anyone has a different experience or wishes to add, I welcome youe comments here.


    Keep in mind that each and every time I contact the support group I try to do so in a positive and constructive manner. As an ex-Apple employee I know that kindness and perservierance works better than threats and intimidation. They really do want to help but in most cases the initial person we deal with is not empowered to affect the resolution required.