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I don't know why but I've lost all the music on my iPod touch 4th generation and I cannot have access to my library but via wi-fi because the pc with the library is at home and I am in another country at the moment. Is there a way to get my iPod to sync with my iTunes at home via wi-fi or something? iTunes wi-fi sync doesn't work, probably because the iPod and the pc aren't using the same network.. Can someone help me?

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 6
Reply by lllaass on Oct 21, 2012 10:58 AM Helpful

wifi sync sync and Home Sharing require that all be on the same network. You can redownload iTunes purchases by:

Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store

Reply by Frühling on Oct 22, 2012 2:33 AM Helpful

And what about the songs I imported form CDs? I can only restore my iTunes purchases and there is no way to get my whole library back, is it?

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