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Hello All,


This afternoon I did a Time Machine backup of my default 750Gb hard drive onto an external USB drive which is correctly formatted.


I then removed the 750Gb and installed my shiny new 500Gb SSD drive.  It was very straight forward.


I then powered up while holding the command+R keys which launched internet recovery mode.  When this was complete I selected restore from Time Machine backup.


I was able to select the external backup drive and this afternoon's specific backup but the new SSD drive couldn't be found, the backup remained on "Searching for Drives" for over half an hour.


I took the base plate off and reseated the hard drive ribbon cable, although it was perfectly seated already.  I then repeated the above process with the same results.


I reinstalled the 750Gb drive and it is working perfectly so the problem isn't the ribbon.


Does anyone have any ideas?  I seem to have gone completely blank, except could the SSD be the wrong format or need formatting and if so how?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Late 2011, i7@2.8, 750Gb, 16Gb RAM
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    Go back and do the Command Option r for Internet Recovery, then use Disk Utiltiy to format the SSD


    Partition > Options GUID and OS X Extended Journaled and click Apply.


    Then try TimeMachine restore and pray, because your SSD is 500GB and your old boot drive was 750 Gb.



    Let me know how it went




    If that doesn't work, put the 750GB back into the machine and download Carbon Copy Cloner


    Get a another external drive, format it the same way as above and just do a default setting full clone to the external drive


    Reboot holding the option key down, you can boot from the clone and then format and revese clone onto the SSD.


    Because CCC is smart, it knows it can place 400GB of data from a 750GB drive onto a 500GB SSD, I don't know about TimeMachine, but we will soon find out.

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    Thanks DS,


    I've been working today and am pooped so will try again tomorrow, unless I get a second wind later on tonight.


    I spotted another discussion topic which seems to be of a similar nature but the advice there is a bit different. Here's the discussion:





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    There's a question about migration below which I'd appreciate any expert advice.


    I decided not to mess about with the Crucial m4 SSD I bought from Amazon.  It cost £300 ($481), I expect it to work like it's supposed to.  So it's been returned and a full refund.


    Instead I've purchased the same item direct from Crucial UK for £304 and I can be certain it's the very latest model and so on.  The good news is it comes supplied with a little USB to SATA data transfer kit which will format the SSD, clone and migrate the old drive including OS, apps, data, etc. and all before installing the SSD.


    Here it is if anyone wants to check it out:




    Once the new SSD arrives I plan use the transfer kit to clone the MBP drive to the SSD first then install the SSD. This is because although the MBP only has the OS and latest iLife apps on it I've actually set a bunch of custom settings ove the past week or so that I don't want to lose. Once the MBPs old drive has been migrated to the SSD I plan to use Migration Assistant to get everything transferred from my faithful old PB G4 to the SSD.


    But can anyone tell me whether the work-around that Pondini refers to in his guide is still necessary or has it been sorted out? The work-around is to create an extra account in the OS on the SSD and use that newly created account to do the Migration. This involves deleting the original account that had admin privileges before beginning the migration process and was necessary because other wise the the administrator IDs will be the same on the new system as the old one being migrated which can cause problems and the ID number is issued automatically by default. Let me know if this is still the case and so the above work-around still needed.





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    Your first drive would have worked just fine - the transfer kit will work just fine, too. Just take out your old drive and install teh SSD internally, then boot from the transfer drive. Instead of going through Migration Assistant or whatever Crucial suggests, I would just use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your old drive to your SSD (after you've formatted your SSD, of course).


    I've a Crucial 512GB m4 series that I'm quite happy with - your installation should go off without a hitch if you use CCC and not migrate your data.



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    since 10.7 there should be repair partition created. or this is supported in CCC now?

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    Yes, you can choose to create the Recovery partition when you create the clone. I'm using CCC 3.5.1 and it works great - I keep two clones going and two Time Machine backups now.



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    Thanks. Thats good.

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    Hi Clinton,


    Thanks for taking the time to respond, I always appreciate your input.


    The problem with the SSD from Amazon was that it wasn't being recognised, despite reinstalling it and checking that it was properly fitted (see my first entry above). I used to use ccc a lot, it's a great app, and I used it to get out of a sticky situation a few years ago when my Powerbook hard drive began to fail. But in this instance I wasn't willing to keep phaffing about and taking the back off my MBP for what should have been a straight forward SSD install and then restore a backup.


    The procedure you suggest for migrating wouldn't be my preferred option either in this case because Leopard would be part of the restored ccc clone to the MBP and I'm very happy with the Lion 10.7.5 and iLife 11 install, it's solid as a rock and now has various customised tweaks and settings that I don't want to lose. If I was willing to lose the tweaks then the simplest thing would probably be to install the SSD then (provided the hardware is recognised) reinstall Lion from scratch and when prompted opt to restore from another Mac using Firewire.


    Having said that maybe that would be the fool-proof option, provided the App Store allows multiple restores of Lion. They allow it as I think the restores are ID tagged to each specific machine.  Downsides would be loss of customised settings on my current Lion and iLife apps and interminable downloads, but there would be any danger of the duplicate account problem which is what bothers me about Migration Assistant.


    Dmdimon, there's an Internet Recovery option now as well. It launches when holding down comand+r on bootup.

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    Okay, I called Apple Care and even though I'm not officially registered they were able to transfer the warrantly and confirmed that it's unlimited number of Lion installs, so that's what I'm going to do when the new SSD arrives.


    Clinton, Did your SSD come with an install CD or did you literally take it out of the box and fit it and it was recognised when you came to that part of the Recovery process when you prompted for a target drive?



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    When I got my Crucial drive, I just got the bare box. I had a Lion USB flash drive installer and I booted from it, formatted the SSD, and then used my Time Machine backup to restore everything. That's one way of doing it. Since I've been here, I find that Bimmer 7 Series way of doing things, using Carbon Copy Cloner and a drive enclosure (see his user tip here) would have been much simpler.


    Since you've ordered the kit, my assumption is that you'll be able to just plug the drive up to the SATA>USB cable and use Disk Utility to format and then... well, I don't know if Crucial has their own 'cloning' software or not but I would just probably use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the 'old' drive to the SSD. I went ahead and purchased CCC as I'm now using a four-drive backup scheme (an 'old' clone and an up-to-date clone as well as two Time Machine backups).


    So I didn't get the kit, but I know that it comes with a cable and disc - I just don't know what's on the disc.



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    Thank you Clinton,


    I think the procedure I missed with the Amazon drive was the formatting of the SSD.  I'm still happy to have ordered direct from crucial because, rather like buying from an Apple Store rather than a third party retailer, I can be sure it will be the very latest model.


    Thanks for your time, it's appreciated.