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Has anyone had any experience with the LaCie 4TB 2Big Thunderbolt External Hard Drive?  MacMall and Newegg are offering them for 50% off retail ($299) which seems like an amazing deal for that much storage AND Thunderbolt.  I've got 2 500GB G-Raids, a 1 TB 7200 Lacie, a 80GB Lacie Rugged, a 500 GB Maxxtor, and even a 16GB TuffnTiny USB - ALL of which are FULL. My MacBook Pro (running 10.6.8 with 4GB memory and 2.8 Ghz Intel) is crawling along and starting to show signs of being jammed up.  As well,  I am operating it daily with processor heavy apps (like CS5 and Final Cut 5)  at a somewhat dangerous usage amount of 487/500 GB.  Suffice to say, I'm feeling the need to get organized and am looking for a one-stop desktop backup drive where I can backup ALL of my data (as second backups) and offload the 487 GB's I have onboard that won't break the bank with room for the future.


I've read through the boards and have seen issues with the older Lacie's in terms of power and sometimes recognition but have not seen anything about this particular drive.  As well, I've found reference to the WD Scorpio and the Seagate Momentus (which both of which I think you need to house in an enclosure yourself - which I have not done before but could probably figure out).  I realize that buying refurbished is a bit of a gamble in terms of original manufacturer's warranty, but I have not been able to find many reviews from users of this drive to be able to ascertain how it has performed to the point where I feel that I can make an informed decision regarding the risk I am thinking of taking.  Does anyone here have experience with this drive that they can share?  As well, I'm wondering if another affordable desktop backup solution for @4 GB of data is recommended from this community.  Speed, on a daily basis isn't a big issue - once I backup the data on the G-Raids, I'll be able to make room to use them again for editing...


For now, I can't decide whether the price reduction simply reflects a quality issue or not.


Any and all suggestions and experience is greatly appreciated!



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)