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I just bought a new macbook pro, running10.8.2 and an Apple TV 2.


When I set the mac to mirror the desktop to Apple TV, I'm getting a range of weird results. At different times I've gottten:


* Nothing at all. The Apple TV menus display on the TV and remain accessible.


• A black screen on the Apple TV, with no access to the menus.


• One time, some 30 seconds after I turned mirroring on, the TV suddently displayed my computer's desktop -- from the time that I had turned on mirroring (i.e., some 30 seconds earlier). It was not displaying the current state of my desktop.The image was fixed and did not reflect any changes I made to the desktop content. After about a minute, it snapped back to the Apple TV menu.


Pretty far from plug and play. Brand new equipment and updated software all around. Weird nonfunctional results.


Any advice?

MacBook Pro
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