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how do you reset os x lion server

Mac mini, OS X Server
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    Hi! I have had to reset os x server too. You can't realy reset it but if you change your ip address and do a couple things then you will get pretty close to a full reset. If you realy need it all reset wipe your hard drive, then re-install OS X and  OS X Server. If you don't want to do that here is another way.

    1. Delete the OS X Server app.

    2. Go To Library/Sever, then rename that folder to Server old or something like that just not Server.

    3. Go To System Prefrences>Network, then where it says configure IPv4 change it to Using DHCP with a manual address.

    (If you made a DCHP Resveration For Your Server Delete It Now)

    4. Where it says IP Address put in any number like this 10.0.1.(2-200)

    5. Click Apply

    6. Restart Your Computer

    7. Download A New Copy Of OS X Server From The App Store.