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I was hoping to get some insight from you guys on the Mainstage Playback Plug-in.

I'm currently using the iPad for playback of backing tracks into the sound system.

I edit the tracks in Logic, then import to iTunes Playlists.

I'm assuming I have to purchase the iPad version of Mainstage. That being the case, if it is, I'd like to know the following and anything else you may believe I overlooked before making a possibly useless or unnecessary purchase.


  1. Does it offer features better than that of iTunes?
  2. Is Mainstage on iPad stable in a live presentation environment?
  3. Does it offer easier use from an onstage setting?


Thank you 

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Motu Ultralite mk3 (not Hybrid)
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    StyleSupport wrote:


    I'm assuming I have to purchase the iPad version of Mainstage.


    1. Is Mainstage on iPad stable in a live presentation environment?


    There is no version of Mainstage for the iPad: it will only run on a Mac







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    Hi StlyeSupport,

    To answer your question regarding What MainStage will give you over iTunes - You don't go into details about what equipment you are using for your performances but Mainstage will allow you to have a separate patch for each song with a multitude of different variables available.

    So for example when you perform song A with its backing track, you may have a chorus effect on your guitar and a flange on your vocal channel. Then when that song is over you hit a button and the next patch loads with a different backing track and this time with distortion in the guitar sound and chorus on the vocals. Song 3 has a different backing track but this time you are accompanying it with a two layered keyboard sound, all preloaded on that patch.

    As a performance tool main stage is vastly superior to iTunes and of course is based in Logic so you will be very familiar with it.

    Regarding performing, I have main stage set up with half the screen showing channel strip settings including volume etc, and the other half with the lyrics / chords notes needed for performing. Much tidier than scraps of paper!

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks to both of you.



    Very good explanation.

    You've given me plenty to work on.

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    Great info.  Could you please share what software you use to display the lyrics/chords on half the screen?  Do you do that all within Mainstage?


    I want to go paperless in my praise group - this would be a great solution.