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I would appreciate any help regarding my betacam sp transfer situation.


If I want to transfer a betacam sp edit master into a mac as a 720P Hd signal 16x9, can I do it via a mac mini, and what "box" would I need?


I don't want to downconvert to mini-dv and use a mini-dv device as a firewire encoder. Is there a box that accepts component betcam sp and audio on one side, and then sends the analog signal as a converted 720P HD, 16 x 9 file into an iMac?


The good news is I don't need to tweak the tape in any way, the edit master is good to go, I just don't know how to go.


thanks in advance.

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    You'll need a capture device. Check with AJA, Blackmagic or Matrox to see who has a thunderbolt protocol based device.


    You'll also need software to control the card - Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere CS6, Avid Composer, etc.


    You'll also need an external RAID as the file size will be big.



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    If I have a mac mini that does not have thunderbolt, can firewire work?


    The Pro Res HQ file apparently compresses the signal by 8 to 1, but still looks terrific.  This would allow me to import betacam sp projects directly as Pro Res HQ files and not use up too much of the hard drive.  Can Pro Res HQ files be transferred via fire wire on an older mac mini?