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The other day I wanted to take some photos - but there was no room on my iPhone.    I ended up using my iPad instead, but I want to solicit recommendations on how to free up space while out remote from my computer with my phone.


When I can't synchronize my iPhone, my procedure is to go to iTunes on my Mac, and tell it to not synchronize music, to my sync, then tell it to synchronize music.    That usually works - and it allows me to be successful if I'm deleting an app (which won't delete if there's not enough room to synchronize).


Today, I got home, and did the above and noticed that I have 2.4 GB of "Other".    I've had that problem before, and Googled to find a bunch of inconclusive conversations on what to do with that.


In my past "Other" seems to get smaller someday, so I guess I will need to wait until it gets smaller.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1, IOS 6
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    If "Other" is significantly larger than about 1GB it's an indication that something is corrupt on the phone (even if it seems to be functioning fine).  Restoring it should fix things.  Be sure to back it up when given the option so you can restore to your backup at the end of the process.

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    Oh, when I got home, I was able to get the "other" down to 0.79 GB.    But I didn't have the time nor the bandwith to back-up and restore my iPhone when I had my photo-opportunity.    I would have been glad to temporarily delete my audio - if I had known how.    But I needed my space in a hurry - without losing any settings for when I got home later.