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i set up my Time Capsule and connected my Canon printer thru it and I can now print from my new Macbook Pro, but now I cant print from my desktop to the printer. I downloaded Bonjour and got this error message that I need to ensure Port UDP5353 is open??

Does anyone know how I do this?

MacBook Pro
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    It doesn't make sense unless the desktop is not plugged into the same LAN as the TC and printer.


    Please tell me the whole network layout and the IP address of everything.. TC, MBP and desktop.


    Is the desktop PC or Mac??

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    Thanks for reply. I am at work so dont have the IP addresses and not sure I even know where to find them?
    I have a 2 yr old Dell Inspiron with Windows 7. My printer is a brand new Canon MG5320, and I just bought the MacBook Pro, and the Time Capsule.
    I set up the time capsule and it seems to be working fine and even did the backup and have the PC and Mac and iphone etc all now connected to the internet thru time capsule.
    I can now print from my Mac to the Canon printer but when I tried to print from my PC it didnt work. Apple support site says to download Bonjour to be able to print and when I do this I get a message saying "need to ensure that UDP Port 5353 is open for Bonjour to work.

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    Turn off all the firewalls in the windows laptop.. you will need to ensure the network is set to home.


    I do not know the printer, but is it wireless network type, or just USB?


    If you have plugged it into the TC by USB it can be difficult to locate the network resources in windows, if the TC is not setup to SMB standard.


    Download and install the full airport utility for windows.. not just bonjour.


    In the TC set all names to short, no spaces, pure alphanumeric. That includes the name of the TC itself, wireless which I guess you are using on the Dell as well as HDD.


    If it is failing over wireless try plugging in by ethernet.