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I t seems no one is able to bother with this issue. It only has those that have not been able to resolve the problem continuing to try and find an answer. Where are all the experts with thousands of points. There have been  a few offering suggestions  regarding this matter.  Is it too difficult?


I suppose we could just go and buy another unit. and hope there aren't the same issues.


As for me i've spent hours searching and are yet to find an answer.


I've rebuild,  trashed, re-installed rebooted and tried changing settings to different ports to no avail.


The latest was



The weird thing is that it will seem okay then at some point on rewaking it will refer to  have connection issues ( which as far as I know my wireless router is working well ).


I am not having the sane problems on my iPhone 4s (IOS 6) or my 27' running 10.8.2 ML


Frustrating way to use up time and effort  .........!


appreciate any help for this issue.


MacBook Air, iOS 6, Mail 6.2 OS X 10.8.2