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I t seems no one is able to bother with this issue. It only has those that have not been able to resolve the problem continuing to try and find an answer. Where are all the experts with thousands of points. There have been  a few offering suggestions  regarding this matter.  Is it too difficult?


I suppose we could just go and buy another unit. and hope there aren't the same issues.


As for me i've spent hours searching and are yet to find an answer.


I've rebuild,  trashed, re-installed rebooted and tried changing settings to different ports to no avail.


The latest was



The weird thing is that it will seem okay then at some point on rewaking it will refer to  have connection issues ( which as far as I know my wireless router is working well ).


I am not having the sane problems on my iPhone 4s (IOS 6) or my 27' running 10.8.2 ML


Frustrating way to use up time and effort  .........!


appreciate any help for this issue.


MacBook Air, iOS 6, Mail 6.2 OS X 10.8.2
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    Power Nap's capability depends on which MacBook Air you have, whether you've loaded the SMC update, and, most importantly, whether your machine is plugged in during its nap.


    Here are the details: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5394

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    Thanks for the suggestion Sberman.


    The macBook Air is 13" Mid 2012 with mountain lion 10.8.2



      Model Name:    MacBook Air


      Model Identifier:    MacBookAir5,2


      Processor Name:    Intel Core i7


      Processor Speed:    2 GHz


      Number of Processors:    1

      Total Number of Cores:    2

      L2 Cache (per Core):    256 KB

      L3 Cache:    4 MB

      Memory:    8 GB

      Boot ROM Version:    MBA51.00EF.B01

      SMC Version (system):    2.5f7

      Serial Number (system):    C02HX2B3F57J

      Hardware UUID:    D94D1CFD-2504-5A64-9341-FDE044F5A7B5


    Are you suggesting I Dis enable the Power Nap or enable it ?


    As it is right now it is enabled and has been since new.


    The SMC update : I tried to install it but the unpackaging after downloading said it was not compatible with this system .


    cheers i can includde a report from Connection Doctor if that would help?

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    I'm suggesting you keep your Power Nap enabled.  I'm also suggesting that if possible, you keep it plugged in and receiving electrical power while sleeping.


    If you cannot (or do not) have your MacBook Air plugged in while sleeping, then check System Preferences > Energy Saver, click the "Battery" tab on top, and make sure "Enable Power Nap while on battery power" is checked on that tab.

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    No luck . The settings were as suggested by sberman . Both Energy Saver options enabled.


    Will continue to search for resolution to this.


    But for now I just Quit mail and reload it. Boring but works.

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    I have just started having this problem with my MacPro Retina laptop, in the last week.  Except, with mine, it falls off without sleeping, but, quitting email and then restarting it does clear it up.  So, thanks for that!  The only program that I have on is MacFamilyTree, and, Safari.  If there is someone from Apple who sees this, please advise.

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    I have the same issue, when laptop goes to sleep...

    Tried everything but nothing changed..!

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    Apple doesn't monitor these discussions. Send Apple feedback. They won't answer, but at least will know there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it may get the problem solved sooner.


  • Eric Root Level 9 (50,008 points)

    Have to ask the question - are you sure you downloaded the correct SMC update? Try again?

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    Sure I did,

    I have a MacBook Pro, (13-inch, Early 2011), running mountain lion 10.8.2,

    below is the info:

    Model Name:          MacBook Pro

      Model Identifier:          MacBookPro8,1

      Processor Name:          Intel Core i5

      Processor Speed:          2.4 GHz

      Number of Processors:          1

      Total Number of Cores:          2

      L2 Cache (per Core):          256 KB

      L3 Cache:          3 MB

      Memory:          4 GB

      Boot ROM Version:          MBP81.0047.B27

      SMC Version (system):          1.68f99

      Serial Number (system):          C17HFLSKDV13

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    I have had a problem with this for over a year now....  Apple techs have spent hours with me with no success. Engineers also cant find a fix.  I have the problem on both Imac and Air.  The problem has only existed since installing mountain lion.  I have been told that Apple is working on a solution but the tech I was dealing with no longer answers emails....  have sent 2 in the last few months ????


    The strange thing is that thunderbird works fine......   A little poor that I cant get Apples own software to work properly!

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    I just received an email referencing this discussion.  I wish to say that I could not remember this discussion.  I do not have any problems with my email on my MacPro Laptop.  I cannot say why there is no longer a problem since I cannot remember the problem from Nov. of last year.  It simply is no longer happening!