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As the question https://discussions.apple.com/message/18211193?searchText=Can%20I%20use%20one%20 iPad%20in%20different%20countries?#18211193

I have the same issue.

As we know, China and Europe use the different frequency band for wifi 5GHz. I bought the iPad in China, could I use my iPad in Europe?

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    For straight Wi-Fi there is no problem - you just have to change your location and time zone so your apps know where you are - and if passwords are involved, you might have change the language setup - and different countries might have different channel ranges but they overlap with the capabilities of the ipad - and there may be some legalities with the frequencies involved but I have never of an iPad police so I wouldn't worry about it - people just use there iPads where they have to.

    However, iPads with cellular access are another story - their use would depend on their carrier and the availability and compatibility of the carriers in the destination country - and if service is available it could be very expensive

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    Is it right to say that iPad Wi-Fi are the same for different countries?

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    I am not sure if it is exactly the same in every country but they are compatible and it works.