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For a very extended period, Safari has been spinnin out of control memory-wise - no other OS I use does this, not does any other browser I use on OSX.  This goes on and on and on and on, with no real remidiation coming from Apple.  It is maddening and ruiining the usability of using the MAC and OSX.  It may be due to Flash, or Flash and Apple's refusal to properly work with Adobe - Flash is out there - it is on a huge number of websites and not just for entertainment - it cannot be avoided - also transactional sites such as StubHub use it.  If I have ten or fifteen web pages open, Safari, between Safari Web Content, Safari and Flash, can take three or four gigabytes or even more, and Flash is the least of them.  It does not happen with Firefox.  With Safari spinning out of control, the entire device slows down.  This has been going on for far far far too long.  It happen on my MacBook and my iMac.  When is this going to get resolved?  I am starting to despise using the Mac and OSX. 

Mac OS X (10.7.5)