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I'm setting up a workgroup server within a Unviersity environment.  The Uni runs 99% PC's other than a small lab with approx 15 Mac's.  We have decided to use a SL Workgroup Server to manage the desktop which is working well. However, I have been attempting to setup a forward proxy to control access to facebook, etc and not having much joy.  The complication is that they use IIS to control overall access to the internet within the Uni. 


So anyway, my forward proxy doesn't work and I'm getting authenitcation failures in the error log.  I have set the server with the correct Network settings and the server can happily browse the internet but I'm guessing that this is more an Apache thing than OSX.


I have setup proxys before but only where there is a direct path out to the internet - so while my understand is pretty limited, I do know enough get them running.


Am I wasting my time trying to get this to work??? - I can use managed preferences to handle facebook and ISS will be caching sites anyway.


Thoughts, help and suggestions most welcome.