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I am in Italy using OSX 10.7.5, a Time Capsule, and a Vonage box (Motorola VT2442-TD). I switched from ADSL to Eolo Satellite, and everything was working until I tried to extend the network using a second wifi device. I really must have screwed up the Time Capsule configuration, because it is not working. It does not connect to the Internet, does not have the correct DNS settings, and the message in AirPort Utilities says the disk needs to be repaired.


I tried running Disk Utility, but the Time Capsule does not even show up. Plus, sometimes when I unplug then replug it, the solid amber light is on for awhile and then there is no light at all.


How do I repair the Time Capsule and reconfigure it to work with my system?


Since I have VOIP and that is not working as well, I cannot call Apple.


Thanks for any help you can give.