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Joining the group here.  My photostream has stopped syncing with my pc.  The images will sync across my iphone (4) and ipad and are viewable instantly in the photostream on these devices.  But with my pc, no dice.


I have uninstalled icloud panel 2.0 and reinstalled.  Ensured all devices are on wifi.  I have reset photostream in icloud.  What else?


The only thing I can think of is that my laptop has a weak wifi signal but I am sure obviously able to get a network connection just fine. 


Any ideas? I am so frustrated bc I have several photos I deleted off of camera roll that are in my photostream that I cannot get to my pc (and any of my online albums).  I have send them to myself as a workaround but really, apple?  Just sync with my pc.  It's been working fine for weeks and as far as I can tell, stopped with 2.0 release.

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    I had the same problem. Windows 7. Now solved.


    Photostream stopped updating a month ago. In my case the solution was easy. Opened iCloud, turned off Photostream, rebooted the PC, and then went back to iCloud and turned on Photostream.


    I don't know if rebooting was necessary.