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Facetime has stopped working on my Ipod touch 5th generation.


We have 3 apple products - Apple TV, IPOD and IPAD that were working fine with the same id till a while back. My daughter changed something in the IPAD and now my id simply does not work.


I also recently updated the software to io6 and now it won't accept my apple id when I try to log in it says either the id or the password is incorrect. 



When I call on facetime using the alternate apple id it doesn't connect and says can't connect. What should I do?


I am at my wit's end! I will be very grateful if someone could please help me out.



Many thanks



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    On the devices go to Settings>Messages>Send and Receive and make sure that they have unique email addresses specified. When you upgrade to iOS, the update adds emails associated with your ID to that entry. If you Message using the email address and that email address is a receive at one in both devices you will get the error message that you received.

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    Hello lllaass.


    Thank you for your response. Could you please simplyfy this answer for me? I'm not a gadget person and I'm thoroughly confused! Thank you so much!